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LLANGORSE LAKE is a large, natural lake of approximately 400 acres. It is owned by the Llangorse Lake Conservation and Management Co. Ltd, who issue permits for boating, using your own craft and fishing on the lake.

llangorse permitLakeside Caravan Park acts as the sole agents of the company for the sale of permits and for the day-to-day operations of all activities on the lake which are subject to permits and the condition of  issue.

THE SCALE OF CHARGES for 2019 permits and a set of rules and conditions are set out below, permits will be on sale in the reception area of the Lakeside Caravan Park Shop. It is necessary to pay for launching as well as buying a permit when you take your own craft onto the lake.

If you are bringing your craft from a waterbody that has an invaisive species eg Zebra Musssels, Killer Shrimp, access to the lake will be denied if biosecurity measures have not been taken. Click here for further information. 

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 8 kilometres per hour  (5 m.p.h.) speed restriction on the lake for motorized craft, other than for safety boats and boats towing a water skier/ring/wake boarder.You may be declined use of the lake if it is felt that your boat is not capable of maintaining the speed limit. It is important that you are aware of all the conditions relating to the use of the lake. Copies of the rules are available.

PW Powerboats for waterskiing/wakeboarding/inflatables etc 485.00          50.00
Launch 180.00  16.00
TOTAL  665.00 66.00  
SL Sailing Boats/ Motor Cruisers(5mph speed limit) over 17ft     N/A    17.00
  Launch     7.00
TOTAL   24.00 
SR Sailing Dinghies/Rowing/Fishing Boats(5mph speed limit)17ft and under 145.00 17.00
Launch 60.00 7.00
TOTAL 205.00 24.00
CW Canoes,Kayaks & Windsurfers 82.00 8.50
Launch 35.00  1.50
TOTAL 117.00  10.00
Fishing (per person over 16yrs) N/A 8.00
All anglers must have a valid Environment Agency rod licence.    
BF Boat and 2 People Fishing 235.00 N/A
Launch 45.00  
TOTAL 280.00  
EDS Educational Seasonal (8 + Instructor,canoe/kayak - restrictions apply) £400.00 N/A
Launch £75.00  
TOTAL £475.00  
Prices inclusive of VAT @ 20% All prices may be subject to change


(Rings, etc) Can only take place between 14/03/19 and  09/11/19.


For powerboats for waterskiing are valid from 14/03/19 to  09/11/19


For other categories are valid from 01/02/19 to 31/12/19.


Can be bought individually on a daily basis or in blocks of five consecutive days when a 20% DISCOUNT will be given.


If you camp on our site or stay in one of our caravans and buy 5 consecutive day permits we will not charge the normal launching fee.

Lake Permits are not for commercial use.


When using the lake you need to be aware of your own limitations and the prevailing weather conditions, and are reminded that all water activities are potentially hazardous and undertaken at your own risk. We advise the use of buoyancy aids to all lake users. It is not advised to go onto the lake whilst under the influence of alcohol!

The Company and their Agents reserve the right to ban any boat or person from using the lake if necessary and to impose any time and or zoning conditions/rules whenever they deem necessary.

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